The Perfect Match

Holly Wilson

Picking a color scheme for your horse is one of the funnest parts of being a horse owner! It's based on your personal preference, and what compliments your horse.

As an example, my mare's color is turquoise! And what a beautiful compliment to her bay coat.

turquoise tack

So how do you narrow it down to just one color? Sometimes there are multiple that can work for your horse! Here are some brief suggestions based on your horses coat color.

Coat Colors

  • Bay: Turquoise, Pink
  • Black: White, Pink, Vibrant Green
  • Chestnut/Sorrel: Maroon, White, Black
  • White/Grey: Black, Pink, Turquoise
  • Palomino: Pink, White, Blue
  • Buckskin: Black, Purple
  • Red Roan: Maroon, White, Black
  • Paint: Pink, Red, Blue

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