Popular Summer Looks

Holly Wilson

By RockN W Report Intern, Paige Brandon

Before summer comes to a close and cowgirls head back to the books, I want to take a moment to look at some popular western summer looks. These were the trends that were seen at rodeos, stock shows, fashion shoots, and more!

  1. Cutoffs. We have Daisy Duke to thank for these never going out of style! Cutoffs were used as statement pieces in colors of blue, black, and even red. cutoffs 
  2. Rompers. Rompers are the perfect outfit. The days of rummaging through your closet to find the perfect shirt-pant combo is over! Just grab a romper and go! Rompers were seen paired with belts, boots, and hats. Romper
  3. Fringe boots. What better excuse to wear shorts than to show off boots with fringe on them! We saw cowgirls dancing the night away in these! fringe boots
  4. Graphic tees. I have yet to meet a cowgirl that doesn’t enjoy a good graphic tee. They can be dressed up or dressed down. They come in tank tops, short sleeved and long sleeved, perfect for the summer weather! graphic tee
  5. Fashion hats. With colors of turquoise, yellow, red and more, fashion hats have become an outfit necessity. Not only do they protect your head from the sun, but they are cute! They come in any style of hat you could dream of from wide, flat brims to fedoras. Fashion hat
  6. Booties, sandals, slides, oh my! We saw cowhide slides come into style this summer, along with snakeskin chukka sandals, birkenstocks and numerous other styles of bootie heels. Heels
  7. Kimonos. Kimonos add great color and pattern to an outfit without making the outfit unbearable in the summer sun. It’s hard not to love these because they come in every pattern, color and style you could think of! Kimono
  8. Palazzo pants. Popular and pretty! Are you struggling with a hard case of cowgirl’s tan? Maybe you don’t want to show off your legs? Palazzo pants are the cool alternative to shorts during the summer months! pants
  9. Ripped jeans. Enough said. Ripped jeans
  10. Wild rags. It only makes sense that these are on the popular summer looks list. Cowboys and cowgirls used to wear them in the summer to keep dust out of their mouths and sun off their necks. These are a great accessory to any outfit! wild rag



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