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Holly Wilson

From the September 2018 Issue

Kamalia Kay grew up in Michigan, but always knew she was a country girl.

“I’m pretty sure I was the only girl wearing Wranglers and Justin boots in elementary school but I guess I was country before it was cool,” she said with a laugh.

Growing up on horses, Kamalia worked to start two-year-olds for a stint, which she describes as: “HARD!”

“Breaking horses was the most physically and mentally demanding thing I have ever done.  I did it for years and years until I flew right between a mare’s ears and decided I was tired of getting hurt,” she said. 

“I’ve been on a horse since before I could walk but being the person that trains them from the ground up... you put all your love and energy into that horse and then turn around and sell it. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into building some really solid horses.”

Kamalia Kay

Hoping to one day get back in the saddle, Kamalia is patiently waiting for the right moment.

“Every time I even touch a horse it’s a very powerful moment for me,” she said. “These last two years are the longest I have ever gone without owning a horse let alone riding. I know when the opportunity comes for me to hop back in the saddle it will be the most incredible moment and I cannot wait!”

Kamalia sort of fell into the western industry from a young age, and subsequently western fashion. Her style developed with her sense of self, becoming a unique look that fits her personality.

“When I started to become confident in who I was, what types of people I belonged with and where I kept ending up, I knew my style fit exactly who I was as a person,” she said.

Born out of her passion for fashion, Kamalia started an instagram blog to showcase her style.

Kamalia Kay

“I wish I could say the decision was made overnight but it definitely wasn’t. I prayed A LOT,” she said. “I wasn’t sure I was brave enough to blog as a plus size gal and then one day I just decided TODAY IS THE DAY!” 

She reached out to a couple of businesses to collaborate with, and she describes the experience as going uphill every since.

“It has been the biggest blessing to help empower all the ladies that follow me, I feel incredibly humbled every day when I wake up,” she said.

A couple of staple items in Kamalia’s closet include: “a ton of black and dusters. I love dusters, they literally change a whole outfit!”

Spreading self-love and confidence, Kamalia hopes to use her platform to help women feel beautiful in their own skin.

“No matter their size, insecurities, ‘flaws...’,” she said. “I want plus size girls to be able to find the clothes they desire, I want to help ladies find the perfect outfit for an event, I want everyone to feel so beautiful, admired and know that they always have someone fighting for them.”


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