From the Archives: Cutting S Ranch

Holly Wilson

From the March 2018 Issue

The Cutting S Ranch is nestled in-between the foothills and the palm trees of Murrieta, California.

Owned by Holly and Rich Sieverding, and run by Tatum Sik, the 20-year-old family ranch breeds and sells American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and American Paint Horse Association (APHA) registered horses.

Raising horses

Holly has been breeding, training, and showing horses since before Tatum was born. But as soon as she was able, Tatum was riding and showing horses.

“I was riding before I could walk, showing horses shortly after,” she said. “I took a pretty long break when the economy tanked, just getting back into the swing of things with the help of an awesome coach.”

Tatum is hoping for success in the show pen this year, focusing on National Cutting Horse Association shows for the time being.

Raising and showing homegrown horses can be a challenge, but the Cutting S Ranch has their operation down to a science.

Depending on the year, they have a handful of foals who are offered for sale.

“Every now and then we might keep one to futurity on ourselves,” she said.

“The ones we keep, we just get them broke and send them off to whatever trainer we decide to put them with. It really just depends on what they are going off to do. Before they leave to go off to be finished, you can just about do anything in and out of the arena.”

Tatum and her family work to preserve the working cowhorse.

“I really think it's important to preserve the cowhorse and breed quality, versatile horses that can not only excel in the show pen, but be used on the ranch or in other events as well,” she said.

Some notable horses to emerge from the Cutting S Ranch program include; Jaimes Rockstar, Find Doctor Spark, and Hesa Shiny Twist.

Aside from breeding horses, Cutting S Ranch is also known for their special blend of Border Aussies.

“We bred a lot of Border Collies but ended up trying the cross,” she said. “They ended up being awesome dogs and we found more of a demand for the cross than the pure bred Border Collies.”

Border Aussie puppies

The Border Aussies are a very versatile breed, being good family dogs, service dogs, and using dogs.

“Some of them are used for herding/agility. They have work in them but also have an off-switch and are completely okay with just hanging out,” she said. “They also will work all day long if you ask them!”

As for the future of the Cutting S Ranch, Tatum hopes to see growth in their breeding programs and success in the show pen.

“I really hope we continue to grow and breed some stellar horses in the future,” she said. “We have some young horses coming up that are pretty cool I can't wait to see where they take us.”


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